Francfranc Coquille Room Fragrance Blue Air Freshener Fragrance Pleasant Morning 199609 Essential Oils & Diffusers

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Francfranc Coquille Room Fragrance Blue Air Fresheners
Brand : Francfranc Model Number : 199609 Size : Weight : ShippingWeight: 700 g Description :
Bus Beauty Aroma Oil diffuser
Francfranc Coquille room fragrance Blue

This room fragrance full of summery. Scent the image of a sandy beach in the morning that exciting heart is perfect for relaxing space of adult. Represent the natural surf taste is a simple bottle subjected to a hemp cord, and then white sand and shells image of a calm sea. * Pleasant morning (pleasant morning) scent Top notes of: lemon, lime, tuberose Middle notes: gardenia, jasmine, lily, pineapple Base notes: musk, vetiver, amber wood

Size: W113xD56xH270mm capacity: 160ml

* measure of the duration of the fragrance is about 3.5 months to 4 months * flash point: 230 degrees, alcohol: None * This product is not food and drink. Please note that accidental ingestion or the like. * If you swallowed any chance to consult immediately to the doctor, get to bring this product on that vendor to request medical examination. * Use and store in out of the reach of children and pets of hand. * Use and store in a flat place. * high temperature, direct sunlight, use and storage to avoid the fire. Sand and natural materials have entered into. Or turbidity or precipitate in the liquid by the use and storage situation occurs, it may be discolored rare, but there is no problem in quality. * use of other than the original intended use please avoid. * Since there is a risk of damaging the furniture and wall surface or the like, be sure to use coasters and tray when you use. Wipe off immediately if the stick is a liquid or fell spilled. In addition, please use away from the wall surface. mc_1812_1105120199609
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